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Prime your attendees to tap into the science of enhanced productivity at your event:

"The Most Important Business To Build Is Yourself."

Did you know certain types of thoughts immediately shut down your ability to create? These same thoughts are responsible for the chronic stress that plagues 80% of executives, and sabotages the joys of building a company.  

So many leaders are focused on making extraordinary contributions to the world, that they never pause to take into account what their personal experience is of life itself.  

What does this mean? Many high-achieving executives completely miss out on life.

I know, because I did it.  

“This company will succeed no matter what!” I would say. I created unprecedented pressure on myself to perform, and even worse, on my team. And in my quest to create a remarkable company, I accidentally created a wretched life for myself.  

Until one day I hit rock bottom, and it all become very clear to me:

The most important business I will ever build, is myself.  

THIS key takeaway fundamentally changed my approach to life. I started diving into the science of what it meant to live well -- and how I could intentionally create it for myself while living out my dreams. I've since had the opportunity to work with top experts in human optimization, study neuro-linguistic programming, and dive into the fundamentals of intentional life design.

The knowledge and tools I’ve uncovered in this journey are priceless, and will make the difference between you sacrificing yourself for your company and you truly living an extraordinary life.

In this talk, I will share:  

  • My personal story with executive burnout.

  • The scientific connection between your thoughts, brain waves, and your ability to think creatively.  
  • Why achieving big milestones are only 1% of what matters on your journey as a leader--and what the other 99% is.  
  • Three techniques that enable you to be resilient in any stressful situation.

  • Five tools that will empower you to live extraordinary life, including how to 4x your productivity on a daily basis.

  • The two characteristics all great leaders need, and a completed roadmap that get yours in place.  

I've been shining a light on well-being in business since 2013. Listen to this talk to gain insight.

What attendees are saying:

"I really wanted you to know how powerful and moving the experience was. I am so humbled that you shared so much with us. Your presentation was profound."

Jordan Murphy

-Jordan Humpry, 3 Day Startup

"Mel has a very important and positive message to share with people. Her ability to transfer that on a large scale is breathtaking."

Luke Filipos

-Luke Filipos, Austin Coding Academy

"Thank you so much for putting together a session that was so meaningful and inspirational for so many people! I was super impressed how you packed the room! "

Dana Abramowitz

-Dana Abramowitz, SXSW

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Melanie Weinberger

Melanie Weinberger is expanding our global community with initiatives that create positive human progress. A sought after public speaker, she promotes transformation through powerful storytelling, education, and human optimization techniques.

Melanie is the founder and CEO of Wellshift, an organization that implements healing inside companies around the world, including Google, Rackpace, Cloudera, and more.

Melanie is also the founder of Peace Potluck, a grassroots mission that brings communities together to facilitate local progress of the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

Melanie currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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